D-Mann Exposed!

While if you still believe in things like Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and D-Mann, then don't go any further!

It was all planned out as a joke for the detomaso forum on the net. But for some reason word was spread about this wild man named "D-Mann" beyond the confines of the web group. His exploits took some people by surprise while others just loved to hate his know it all attitude. He got into fights, blew up engines, put a Chevy engine in his Pantera, was thrown in jail while out doing high speed runs in his Pantera all the while bringing his mom along. It all ended April 1st 1998 when it was reported that D-Mann had crashed his car while on a 220 mile per hour run across the desert. That really didn't take many by surprise since they had read to whole story. But even now D-Mann lives on and continues to be referenced to when ever a "all or nothing" attitude is brought up. His saying as always was "Go all the way and have fun, or die trying". Well he did!

Anyhow, here how he came to life in some of these doctored photos!

You take one willing neighbor, add a few friends...

Notice how x-large D-Mann is? He really is no taller than me, but I had to make him larger than life! In fact a little unbelievable on just how this guy would even fit in a Pantera!


Yes, D-Manns Mom. Or is it my Mom! Yep, my mother had to borrow the car one day. She used the excuse that I got to learn to drive in her Corvette! Nice try, but I let her take it anyhow.

D-Mann always figured, if 1 set of hood vents are good, then 2 sets are the ticket! Still my favorite part in all the images is the side mirror change.


This was the first taste most people got of D-Manns taste in color schemes!

He got a lot of comments about this paint job! We need more Panteras with flames!

The speedo was my personal favorite!


I couldn't find the original for this one, but notice how he is standing right in front of where the blower would be? Well, it was on purpose, I had to cut down on the work some how! That's also why I left off the side mirror and flames! Hey, I had to draw a line somewhere (or not draw lines!).


Here was the last that anyone heard about D-Mann, a sad story indeed, but not if you heard the whole story like all those that is was intended for did: