The Gang

What can I say about this team? How about, what a motley crew!

 When I heard about this thing from Mad Dog (a.k.a. Dennis Antenucci) I just had to do it. What could be better than getting in trouble for going less than 80 mph. On May 3rd 1998 on a 90-mile stretch of hwy 318 in Nevada, you CAN'T drive 55!


Now heading out to Ely Nevada we had to try real hard to keep things under the speed limit. Of course Dennis didn't seem to have a problem. If you get a ticket in Nevada 90 days before the event you will be disqualified.

Here I'm following Mad Dog, or at these slower speeds I should say I was following Dennis. It wasn't until May 3rd that the dog got mad!


Feeling just a little out of place.

Once we got off the main highway we noticed right away that there were more pickup trucks out here than there are hookers in Las Vegas.

The little old lady behind the counter at this store heard us coming and was wondering were all the racers were. I guess ever few months this sleepy little town gets shook up when 100+ racers rumble down the 1-mile stretch of Main Street.


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