Silver State Classic Challenge, September 17th, 2000

The trip up to Ely was uneventful. I stayed in Vegas Thursday night. I tried to make it there early enough to meet up with Gray and Eric but just couldn't get away in time. They met me at my hotel and rode up to Ely in my tow rig. We made a quick stop at the finish line to grab GPS coordinates. They have a marker set up permanently there now!
Heading into the narrows on the course we came up behind a slow movingViper. I figured the guy would take off through the curves but he held a steady 65 mph! Coming out of the narrows I passed the Viper in the Suburban with the Pantera in tow. Gray mentioned that it proved that even Pantera in a trailer can pass a Viper!
We arrived in Ely with enough time to unload the trailer, greet some of the other team member then take off to the parade of cars. It didn't take long for Mad Dawg to show up with his 70's hairdo.    
A local Girl Scout group was there for the racers to give rides in the parade of cars. Just picture this, 230+ cars in a nonstop loop around this small town! They had every major intersection (both of them) blocked off for the parade. I had two passenger Girl Scouts (about 8 yrs. old) ride with me. They were giggling and waving at the whole town that came out to watch the parade. They really seemed to like the acceleration!

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