At 8:30 sharp Mad Dawg had most of the troops gather to run down to the show in the typical Pantera fashion. We were the only team to arrive together as such!

Team Porsche had a old shell of a Porsche set up for a "Beat a Porsche for a $1". They gave Mad Dawg the first blow, but things were rigged just a little. They gave him a hammer that when it hit the mallet flew off the handle! They cheat and still can't win!


With new hammer in hand Mad Dawg took a big swing and "clank". It was like hitting a Sherman tank! They had that one door panel welded up with a steel plate so it would take a bazooka hit to dent it! We didn't have Peter the German there to translate, but it was a definite plot against TPR!    
Fill'er up with the good stuff!
  Tech went smoothly for all but Dan. His front bearings on one side were shot! They let Dennis have a say whether the bearings should pass or not and luckily Dennis agreed they were bad or a lot worse could have happened at 140+. Tom Pillar was one that jumped in and help get the parts and replace them. This of course proving that even in a small town you can find some parts to fix a Pantera!

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